Customer Common FAQ

I would like to Know if my parts is made by Der Jung?

The back of each product will be marked with DER JUNG LOGO on it; Such as  or D.J .

What the model represents? E.g. DJ235C-D4

DJ means Der Jung , 235 means product code , C means color code and D4 means button code.

Products FAQ

Is it possible to replace Der Jung Machine Heads by myself?

It is possible, but we do not guarantee for the safety of replacement. We do recommend you to entrust replacement of machine heads to a Professional division or Musical shop.

Please tell me about color code.

The meanings of the color codes are as follows. N (Nickel), C (Chrome), G (Gold), B (Black), AB (Antique Brass), SG (Satin Gold), SN (Satin Nickel).

Should I add a small drop of oil to open gear pegs periodically?

The main parts of pegs are consisted of gear and worm and easier to cause friction and abrasion. We recommend you to do maintenance regularly. But please do not use too much oil to the parts, as it will causes
the quality of performance.

What kind of Guitar Machine Heads does Der Jung produce?

Classic ; Acoustic ; Electric ; Locking; Ukulele; Guitar-lele; Mandolin; Bass U-Bass and Banjo…etc.

What kind of button Material can be chosen?

E Series (Wood) P Series (Handmade) D Series (Zinc) M Series (Injection molding) A Series (Injection molding) BS Series (Abalone shellfish).

Purchasing FAQ

Can you accept my custom-made or one-off made order for me?

it would be our honored to have your order by custom-made or one-off made order. But to make your original parts, we have to ask you to pay additional charges such as design fee, tools fee, these charges will make your original parts much expensive.

Can I buy Guitar Machine Heads directly from Der Jung?

Basically Der Jung does not sell our Guitar Machine Heads directly to personal users. Please kindly contact with our web shops.

I would like to know Web shop that sells Der Jung Guitar Machine Heads?

Please check with our FACEBOOK @MusicalLion1960 ,or click here.

What kind of packages do you have?

Bulk Package (For Factory) Little Box (Trading Company or Musical instrument Shop) Blister & Hanging Card (Trading Company or Musical instrument Shop).